This Fall

Mindfulness Everyday will co-host
a Mindfulness and Dialogue Workshop/Inquiry Group in Toronto
with PhD researcher, Jen Mason.

Are you interested

in improving your ability to communicate, especially with those who have different perspectives?

Do you want

to learn and practice dialogue and mindful communication skills with the support of a mindfulness instructor?

Are you concerned

that we are living in a world where people are seeing those who disagree with them as enemies?

Would you like

to help find ways to support others in engaging different perspectives effectively and productively?

Do you have

an opinion about climate change and the City of Toronto and what, if anything, should be done about it?

If the answer is yes

we invite you to participate in this workshop and inquiry group.

The Concept


We will bring together a group of 12 people with different perspectives on an issue. With the support of a Mindfulness Everyday instructor, the group will learn and practice the skills of mindful communication in a group dialogue setting.


Together we will explore the role of mindfulness in briefly suspending our own perspectives, and engaging with and learning from people with different viewpoints through dialogue.

The issue

We will be talking about the challenges and opportunities (or existence?) of climate change in the City of Toronto as well as the responsibilities (if any) of citizens and the various levels of government.

We will use mindfulness practices as we engage in dialogue about this issue with the coaching support of a Mindfulness Everyday instructor.

What you get

Practical skills

that you can apply in a safe, group setting with the coaching of a mindfulness instructor


with group dialogue practice

Financial savings

as you pay a fraction of the cost of a regular mindfulness course


into the ways that mindfulness can help a group engage diverse perspectives

This is not just a workshop

It is also an inquiry group & PhD research project

At present, there are no studies that explore the role of mindfulness in supporting multi-stakeholder dialogue.

By joining Jen Mason's PhD dissertation research group, you will be part of an important study.

It will not only have benefits for you, but may also be useful for other groups in the future.

Given the challenges we face and the level of divisiveness we are seeing in the world, this work is especially important right now.



Thursdays 6:30 - 9:00pm for 8 weeks
September 7th - October 26th, 2017


$100 for the full 8-week session
(Needs-based scholarships available)

Participant Requirements

We are looking for people who are:

English speaking (because this is a communication-based study)

Are interested in group dialogue

Have an opinion about the effects of climate change in the City of Toronto (if any) and how it should be addressed (or not)

Are willing to take part in the full 8 week workshop/inquiry

About PhD Researcher Jen Mason

Jen Mason

is a PhD candidate at Prescott College in Sustainability Education. She is interested in transformative learning, resilience, multi-stakeholder whole-system change processes, mindfulness, and the theory and practice of dialogue.


This study has been approved by Jen Mason’s dissertation committee as being an ethical study that will not cause participants any harm.

Application Questionnaire

Because space is limited to 12 people, and because we need the greatest possible diversity of perspectives in the group, we invite you to apply to participate by filling out this questionnaire. This will give us some information about you and your perspectives on the issue. Once you apply, you will be contacted by the initiating researcher, Jen Mason.